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Emaline Delapaix – “Songs From the Road Vol 1” Review

Acoustic ditties to swoon to
Emaline Delapaix
Emaline Delapaix

Emaline Delapaix’s soft and whimsical but witchy tales lured me in a couple of years ago with her excellent EP “Exorcism” and her recent release is a three track collection of songs made whilst touring.

Opening with the acoustic guitar and vocal “Letter From Grosseto” which has that Mediterranean vibe as the lush and warm chords take that Southern Italy vibe but lets Delapaix’s soft hush surround the warmth and add a lullaby tone to it. “B.C. Song (acoustic)” is more pointed and a great acoustic version of the more plugged version from the EP. There’s a sense of urgency that’s conveyed way beyond the means of just two instruments. “Portland” closes off the trio with a lighter folk-tinged strummer. It’s the kind of track I’d imagine Tanya Donnelly making when she releases her solo works. It’s pretty, swaying but actually quite heady lyrics wise. It also shows off Emaline’s strong high register and continues to show her versatility.

If you’re looking for an undiscovered gem in folk styled music, where there’s a dark witchy undercurrent, Emaline Delapaix is your lady. Here’s to more volumes in this series.

Recommended Track: Letter From Grosseto

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