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The Road to Higher Plain Music 2.0

Website upgrades to make this site a little corner of web solace

Higher Plain Music reached 10 years old this year and I’m still just as passionate about sharing and discovering new music. Things move on and technology changes so I’ve decided to invest in a huge site upgrade which will allow me to do more things on the site in the future.

A new layout

A new layout for Higher Plain Music

I loved the old layout but it was very bloggy so I have moved to something more in line with a digital magazine. Tags will be more readily available so you can find music by genre and so on more easily.

User profiles and forums to discover new music and help musicians connect

Over the next week or so the ability to create user profiles will be added to the site. You’ll be able to post in the new forums where you can discuss music on the site (and upcoming radio station) and as musicians share advice for tools, creativity, PR, touring and so on. This is currently being built, so please bare with me as menu buttons for them won’t work until they are up and running.

On top of forums, you will be able to private message each other, create groups for specific projects have your own activity wall. I plan to add gamification to all this in the future – but small steps first!

New types of content

Aside from music review, new artist introductions and music videos, the upgrade allows me to do different types of content. I’ll be adding lists, quizzes and more interactive content too.

The ability to rate albums yourself

Reviews will change format to allow me to place “rich snippets” onto search engines. I’ll be adding a star rating underneath each review. I’ll also be adding the ability for readers to also rate the album. The two-star ratings will be separate, but visible to everyone. I hope you’ll get to enjoy rating albums alongside me.

The radio station is still on its way

Legal issues make it difficult to get going, but Higher Plain Music FM is on schedule for launch around September/October this year. I’ll be buying a yearly online radio licence as a test trial to monitor its success. Your thoughts are always welcome on what you’d like to hear.

There’s plenty of other things I’d like to get going as well but this is the start of making this website a home. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

If you like what I do, and would like to help me make better and more content then please consider supporting me via Patreon. Thank you.

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