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Introducing… Majken


Majken first intrigued me with her SoundCloud genre tag. Gospel-grunge. It’s not even a concept that had crossed my mind but it perfectly describes Majken’s work and debut single “Lovely Daughter”. It’s a true home recording as part of the track is recorded through her in laptop microphone – usually a giant no no! Here though, it has that homemade sloppy but raw feel that reminds me a bit of when I found TuneYards’ first album. It goes against sound convention but it’s part of the aesthetic and the sloppiness there matches the downcast, swaying gospel edges of the track. The single features the standard MIDI harp sound which was left in because of its dreamlike quality but this is apparently how Majken initially wrote a lot of her early tracks before moving them onto other instruments. Hailing from Sweden, the singer-songwriter has been making songs since she was 14 and her debut album is currently on track for an Autumn release this year.

Enjoy “Lovely Daughter” below.

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