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Higher Plain Musicast – In Conversation with Robby Duguay

Robby Duguay
Robby Duguay

Higher Plain Music returns to podcasting this month with game music composer Robby Duguay joining us to discuss his new soundtrack for the game Fossil Hunters.

Released last Friday, the soundtrack has a mix of superb orchestrations and piano rearrangements and we discuss how a small indie games company design and create music that feels ten times bigger than the team it represents. Robby also discusses how to write music that dynamically loops, mixing and arranging a giant orchestration and how his composing brain works when you compose for a games project that changes every day before your eyes.

Robby Duguay is also known for his electronica and synth works with games such as Graceful Explosion Machine, We Are Doomed and Fate Tectonics.

Enjoy the podcast below. Fossil Hunters is out now.

Download the podcast instead.

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