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Higher Plain Music Forum’s open for business

I’ve been looking at different ways to build up the community side of this website as I get many individual emails talking about discovering new music here, or asking for my opinion of things and so I’ve decided to open a lightweight forum. Here you can discuss my daily post and hopefully find other recommendations too from other readers. There is also a section for musicians to shamelessly self-promote what they are releasing (within reason) and a forum for collaborating and discovering new trends in the industry. I’ll be posting a lot in there around getting music found online.

I wanted to try this route just to see what appetite there is for online discussions but I didn’t want to go down the usual route of opening up a Facebook group. This is because if there is an appetite for community discussions and so on for the future, then I’m more than happy to invest my own money in getting better tools, with more opportunities to share and interact where possible. I want Higher Plain Music (and my other sites) to be as independent from other platforms and places as it can be – but if people would prefer a Facebook group, or a discord channel for example – then please let me know and I’ll look into it.

To use the forums, you’ll need to register first but then after that, you can post topics and replies an example of the forum layout as it is now is below:

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