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Introducing… Broken Baby

Broken Baby
Broken Baby

Need a politically pointed rock band that’s not afraid to push out some huge punk elements as part of their angst? Broken Baby is an LA-based rock group whom I’ve discovered recently and they have their new self-titled debut album coming out on the 21st September after releasing an EP last year. I love their slightly low-fi style which makes the drums crunchy and booming as it gives extra punch to the guitars and the female lead vocals. Those vocals switch from being punk shouty to something much more melodic and back again with ease and when they are spitting out political thoughts and worldly observations, it’s difficult to not get pumped up. Broken Baby has quickly become part of my commute playlist!

Broken Baby has a new music video for their single “Year of the Fat Man” (guess who?) and it perfectly shows all the different facets of the groups sound. Enjoy the single below – the album will be out 21st September and I’ll be definitely reviewing it.

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