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Moderna Records Releases a Summer of Singles

Moderna Records
Moderna Records

I’m a big fan of Moderna Records and their take on curating new classical composers who typically take pianos and strings and make magic from them. As a celebration of having some new collaborators onboard, the label is releasing a new single every Tuesday until mid-August. Each composer is new showcasing their style in their own unique way.

Jake Lowe’s “Sarah” is a gorgeous lilting lament of piano and string that is one of those tracks you may not pick up on first listen but quickly becomes something you’ll come back to for warmth and comfort in its quiet moments. Maxy Dutcher’s “Blocks” is far pacier and like walking on water. The delicate high notes flurry in their muted production whilst the lower notes gently bound along. It’s graceful and serene and feels like your speeding along – but in slow motion too. Julia Gjertsen’s “Gate” leans towards the experimental side. A jaunty hammering riff spins around and around like a classic game menu theme whilst a bubbling synth burps and guzzles underneath. Unlike the previous two singles, this piano is a little more distressed and detuned making it the artsy sibling in the family.

There’s plenty more to come over the next few weeks so if you love piano, contemporary classical music or cinematic music with a hint of experimentation head over to Moderna Records to catch them as they release.

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