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Introdicing… ShadowParty


It’s Summer, I’m boiling hot and I need something that I can power dance to in the living room. Enter ShadowParty that has an unusual merging of some of my favourite tropes of a great Eurovision track with its thick pianos and catchy choruses – and some excellent late 80’s pop sensibilities with superb bass lines, huge drums and an indie electronica vibe I am loving. Then there’s also the fact that the four main band members are made up of two people from the superb New Order and two more from DEVO. You can hear each band’s influence but its a nice mesh of the two and some guest vocalists switch things up beautifully. It’s bold, it’s chunky and it wants to make you groove. Perfect for this heatwave then!

Their self-titled debut album is due for release on 27th July and their new promo track “Present Tense” is below. It may only be an official audio clip but I love the sound waves ala Kate Bush’s Aerial (and yes there’s no space in the name!)

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