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Introducing… Sit Down

Sit Down
Sit Down

If glam rock met doom rock whilst on the way to a punk festival – that would introduce Sit Down’s music perfectly. Sit Down are a Brighton based duo who have been making waves with their debut EP. Their follow up single “Mothership” has an epic bass riff, huge drums you’d expect from doom metal bands and an excellent VHS recorded video that reminds me of a mickey take from Signs as the duo travel down Route 66 and get attacked by aliens – I think. The song itself has an epic drudging power to it, from the chords of the guitars to the smashing drums to the raucous vocals that feel like they’ve been ground through an electronic guitar amp first. I really like it and look forward to seeing where the new material goes. According to guitarist Greg, they aim to embody the cheap reality of life around them and their punk undertones show that and no doubt living in a seaside town and its fake fun would drive you a bit mental too.

Enjoy “Mothership” and its music video below. The EP “Cheap Luxe” is out now.

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