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Wired To Follow – WTFHQ01 Review

Wired to Follow
Wired to Follow

Wired To Follow’s latest release WTFHQ01 continues to show the Liverpool based project as completely genre-defying. It’s part rock, it’s part ambient, it’s part electronica, it’s part soundtrack and it’s also a bit post-rock opera too. Its ability to cross over and become its own unique soundscape has always been Wired To Follow’s strength and nowhere is it more showcased than here.

The first of the two tracks “Marauder” starts off as a brooding electro-rock piece that threatens to break out into an angry rock piece but instead in comes an operatic bird whistle that gives the entire track a levity. As that levity increases, more spacious electronica samples and celestial bleeps start to drench into the track and you feel like you’re about to go space-rock but then we drift off into a calming and caressing ambient finale of lush twinkles and solemn synth voice. It then ends abruptly with a door slam before “Contextual Feeling” kicks off its six-minute span with nearly three minutes of a single note grating itself and slowly beginning to mutate from a single pulse to a duelling chop that it underscored by a ZX Spectrum having an absolute demonic fit very quietly in the background. The song refuses to leave that single chopping note alone and it’s the stuff of nightmares and horror movies as it slowly deforms into a wailing siren in the second half of the track. It sounds so simple on paper and I’m not doing it justice – if you like abstract horror music – this will make your spine tingle.

WTFHQ01 is perhaps not the best place to start with Wired To Follow – I’d argue that’s either Eliza 66 if you’re looking for the rockier side, or Short Code if you’re looking for the more ambient side of the band – but if your after music to feel and experience, or are a fan of the band already, this will be an essential purchase.

Recommended track: Marauder

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Wired to Follow - WTFHQ01


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