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I’ve been a Last.FM user for well over a decade and I absolutely love the service – despite it’s seeming inability to provide a proper mobile device scrobbler. If you’ve never heard of Last.FM before, it’s a plugin you can use for your pc and mobile devices to count and chart the music you play. Each time you play something, its “scrobbled” into your profile and you can view your top artists, tracks and albums over periods of time. I love it for the stats, even if my commuting music never quite scrobbles properly from my phone.

In addition, other tools can use your music data to create some really interesting graphs or charts and I’ve just discovered a fantastic one that maps out all the music you listen to across the globe – linking artists to their country of origin. It’s done through and all you need to do is type in your username and let it do the rest. I’ve attached mine below – and now I’m really interested to try and find a musician I genuinely like and want to follow from every country! Currently, I’m on 99/197 so I’m passed half way already.

If you then click on a country it will tell you the artists tagged to that country you’ve played and then it will recommend you some new artists to try. I use as a music discovery tool so this is another new way for me to find more music to fall in love with. Let me know how you get on with yours below.

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