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Dead Can Dance share new track “Mountain” from upcoming album

Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance have released their preview single “The Mountain” ahead of the release of their new album Dionysus which is due out 2nd November. The gothic duo who swap time and era at a whim from album to album will also be touring in 2019 to celebrate 30 years of music together. The forthcoming album is split into act acts and “The Mountain” kicks off the second act with triumphant drums, euphoric vocals and a wonderful sense of scale with its trembling woodwind and stringed instruments… oh… and goats! I love how it feels like part of a symphonic suite – just gothic and twisting.

Enjoy “The Mountain” below – the album is available to pre-order whilst the tour tickets are available too. I’ll be grabbing mine for London on payday if anyone is looking to attend and wants a drink beforehand!

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