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Introducing… WAHL


No, I’m not going to show you musical hair clippers (for that you can look up Parappa The Rapper’s Hair Scare track from the second game – you’re welcome). WAHL are a new London based rock duo who released their debut single “Walk Away” Friday. The multi-instrumentalist and singer Rachael, and drummer Kayleigh have created a huge sound for just two people and they cite influences like Brian Eno and War on Drugs. What I love about WAHL’s single is how it starts off quite rowdy with its punk rock influences shining through, but then choruses are epic sprawling chants with clever use of guitar and keyboard reverb to create a dense wall of ambience that changes the dynamic from punk rock to something more post-rock. If post-punk-rock isn’t a thing – it is now.

Enjoy WAHL’s “Walk Away” below – the duo are currently doing some live shows around the UK so catch them while you can.

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