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Duologue members form Future Present and launch EP to raise bone marrow donor awareness

Duologue released one of my favourite albums of 2014, Never Get Lost, but things have been quiet for a while and the band had amicably split up. This weekend the members sent out an update explaining that one of the two Toby’s (Leeming) in the band had been recovering from a rare form of blood cancer and had required a bone marrow transplant. Whilst everyone is still friends, Duologue is on hold whilst everyone explored their own projects during Toby’s recovery. Now back to good health again, the two Toby’s have formed Future Present.  Their first EP entitled ‘A Near Run Thing’ deals with this near miss and has been picked up as part of the Anthony Nolan organisation to run as a campaign. The music itself is the same kind of synth-tinged sad rock that Duologue put out if a little heavier with guitars in places. I really like it.

You can enjoy the single ‘A Near Run Thing’ below. The EP of the same name is out now. When searching for the EP a preorder for a forthcoming album called ‘Radio Therapy’ is also available so get that on your wishlist too. If you’d like to watch and read about Toby’s own story – it is available on the Anthony Nolan website.

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