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Introducing… Charly Martin / Wings For Louise

2018 has been a year in which I’ve really embraced the cinematic classical ambient side of music. Maybe it comes from my weary days of the everyday war that is a commuter 9-5 work day that is anything but 9-5 but these warm, lush, lilting soundscapes are perfect for the early hours of the morning. Enter Charly Martin, a composer and arranger who has two strings to his musical bow. Not only does he compose music under his own name but he also runs Wings For Louise – a project that is about creating cinematic ambient music to support visuals. His latest creation is a soundtrack for a play in Montreal called ‘All We Have Now’. It’s a beautiful spacey mix of contemporary melodic piano and some really cool synths and modulators that mash-up sounds in different ways. For example, the track ‘Back in Time’ is entirely reversed yet still melodic and soothing.

Charly Martin has popped the soundtrack on Soundcloud for people to enjoy and I strongly recommend the absolutely gigantic sounding space chorus that is ‘All We Have Now’ which you can enjoy below. You can discover more of his work over at Wings For Louise.

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