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Johanna Glaza – Albion Review

The forest faun of piano dramatica returns

Exploring the epic eight minute journey

Sneaking in with a new EP right at the end of 2018, Johanna Glaza continues to wow and amaze me with her unique voice and brand of alternative piano-based chamber pop.

Johanna Glaza
Johanna Glaza

‘Albion’ as a track is Glaza’s most ambitious piece to date. Channelling her inner Joanna Newsom, this eight minute piece moves effortlessly between cooing angelic ballad sections to electronic marching beats and dramatic pushes and pulls. Whilst Glaza has shown this style of music previously, here its turned into a huge magnum opus. This track is worth the price of admission alone bu the three other tracks continue to show Johanna really exploring how she wants to sound for her second album. ‘The Future Was Not the Animal I Saw’ is an off-kilter vocal montage unfurling the songs title over bleeps and clomps. ‘Broken Ray’ takes the vocal layering into a sinister ambient direction instead, reminding me of Silent Hill and Qntal in the process. ‘Isabella’ is quintessential Johanna though, rocking back and forth between chords with lazy pressure and sounding like a forest faun skipping across the lake. It’s both beautiful and haunting and strikes the perfect balance between them.

‘Albion’ may not be the perfect place to start with Johanna Glaza’s work (Wind Sculptures is a mighty fine debut album) but this is an artist who is increasingly adding more and more strings to her already fantastic bow. Watch out, she’s going to be huge.

Recommended track: Albion

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Johanna Glaza - Albion


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