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Introducing… Le Corbeau


Le Corbeau popped onto my radar at the back end of 2018 for releasing three albums all together at once – and the band hadn’t released anything since 2011 before then!

Led by former Serena Maneesh guitarist Øystein Sandsdalen, Le Corbeau uses noisy guitar and indie bedroom rock production to mask the melodies and catchy hooks and then pops a mumblecore style of singing over the top. Initially, I found the sound quite jarring and didn’t really get into it but something nagged at me to go back and give their new single ‘Psycho at the Wheel’ another go and I’m glad I did. It clicked better once I’d orientated myself to the sound.

‘Psycho at the Wheel’ comes from their sixth album ‘Sun Creep Up The Wall’ – but their fourth and fifth albums are also out at the same time, each one having a slightly different brand of indie-rock.

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