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Emaline Delapaix – With Every Beat Review

Discovering new talents in 2019

Spook-rock needs to be a totally new genre. There are a collection of singer songwriters that have an otherworldly, witch and almost pagan like quality to their music. It’s not quite folk as there’s more going on but it’s not quite rock either as often the music is stripped down bare. This is exactly where Emaline Delapaix’s music has roamed over her music career and with her new single, she cements it beautifully.

Emaline Delapaix
Emaline Delapaix

‘With Every Beat’ encapsulates exactly why I sunk into her world on first listen. Its dark tones, Western guitar twangs and tales of mystery and emotion are here, ever present and pulling you in. Emaline’s voice is on top form as she effortlessly flows through chords and octaves. Everything has an extra sheen to it and I think portrays a step up in both confidence and conviction. The b-side is a charming unreleased demo from 2011 called ‘Bend the Trees’ but it is far from a throwaway piece. Rebalanced for the single, the light, airy acoustic guitar it matched with Emiliana Torrini lullaby cuteness. The two balance each other out perfectly.

As an appetiser for the forthcoming album, ‘With Every Beat’ will have you wanting more. With any justice, 2019 will be the year Emaline Delapaix emerges as a new discovery for many, many ears and hearts to follow.

Recommended track: With Every Beat

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Emaline Delapaix - With Every Beat


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  1. Higher Plain Music Rating


    Thank you so much for the lovely review Simon. The demo was recorded in 2014 but we repolished it for this release as I thought it was a nice accompaniment. Live it has lapsteel guitar and cello so we will see how it changes in time. Side note: that’s a wurlitzer keyboard on the the first track but we put it through a reverb and delay pedal to be a bit tricky 🙂

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