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Wild Pink – 5 Songs Review

A bonus disc as an EP

Coming off the back of their decent 2018 album ‘Yolk in the Fur‘, Wild Pink release a decidedly direct EP entitled ‘5 Songs’. It essentially works like a bonus disc for the album itself with some remixes and new tracks that expand the vibe and sound of the album.

Wild Pink
Wild Pink

The excellent ‘There Is A Ledger (Shy Layers Remix)’ opens the EP with glitchy drum loops and vocoding the vocals over the empty guitars to create a lost alien rock vibe. The ‘Love Is Better (Dondadi Remix)’ is much more experimental though. Creating random noises and sounds over the originals chugging drums did not really gel with me and it felt a bit all over the place with no hook to pull me in. ‘All Some Frenchman’s Joke (Eerie Gates Remix)’ veers off into gentle Sigur Ros synth land with glacially slow notes phasing across your ears. It’s pretty ambient is helped with its angelic vocal samples. Thankfully the album closes with two new rock tracks. The chirpy and subtly upbeat ‘Coaches Who Cry’ and ‘How’s The Tap Here’ both showcase the homey rock that Wild Pink displayed with aplomb on their debut.

The two new tracks are good enough for fans of Wild Pink to lap up and the opening remix is decent. I think I’d have preferred some acoustic versions instead of abstract ambient versions of other tracks personally, but if you are curious for a new middle road rock band to discover, go for the album and not this first.

Recommended track: How’s The Tap Here

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Wild Pink - 5 Songs



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