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Wild Pink – Yolk In The Fur Review

Wild Pink
Wild Pink

Wild Pink’s music has a timeless wonder to it. The band’s cinematic indie rock manages to be delicate and warm with its quiet moments but then huge and expansive with its big ones and through it all the voice of John Ross quietly sings as the guitars, drums, soft synths and thick bass wrap around him. It’s a lush and wonderful sound that Wild Pink own and they own it perfectly.

From the opening jangles of “Burger Hill” and it’s almost meditative plod you are drawn in before “Lake Eerie” which is a radio hit in waiting. It’s soft synths and Americana twangs lift their rock outwards and upwards – even when the more raucous electric guitar riffs and grunge splash in – it’s in a light and breezy way rather than a hardcore angst way. The near seven-minute title track follows which again shows their penchant for melodic riffs and the ability to rock in extended outros and the whispery alien synths that connect the tracks into one seamless collection.  “Jewels Drossed In the Runoff” lets the electric guitar and 80’s synth pads take over in a wistful shoegazey wash before 80’s drum tracks and darker disco beats take centre stage for “There Is A Ledger”, switching the music to a more Cocteau Twins without the reverb but with a soft male singer vibe. Not very Cocteau you may say – but I disagree and the change of pace and sound makes this quirky and chirpy uplifter really stand out.

“The Seances On St Augustine’s St” is an expansive track that starts off as a slow bluesy soundscape of rain and slow guitars and ends up a hometime sunroof down anthem.  What’s so great is how effortless the transitions across feel – it’s seamless and natural. “John Mosby Hollow Drive” is quite another midtempo call back to 90’s acoustic rock before “Love Is Better” takes you back to something akin to War On Drugs with its lush muted softened rock vibes and the album closes with “All Some Frenchmen’s Joke” which is an aural treat of light voice effects, soft guitars and synths alongside echoing piano notes. It’s a suitably airy and dreamlike way to close off the album.

I’ve rattled through the tracks quite quickly in the review because they all hold a similar kind of space and a similar chord structure sometimes too – but never feel stale or old. Wild Pink borrow some of the best things from 90’s TV and movie soundtracks (hello Buffy) and smudges it all together in this misty mixing pot. As a change of pace from their more crunchy debut album last year, I’d say Yolk in the Fur is an absolute winner and anyone looking for the more reflective and dreamlike side of indie rock needs to look here this instant. Your new favourite band is probably here.

Recommended track: Lake Eerie

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Wild Pink - Yolk In The Fur


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