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Introducing… Yes We Mystic

The intimate and the grand

Explaining the sound of quintet ‘Yes We Mystic’ is quite difficult because their style veers and varies quite often. Perhaps their latest newsletter says it best as ‘a juxtaposition of intimate and grand’. On one hand you’ll have heavy guitars, huge drums and sometimes raucous synth loops that evoke furious rock. On the other you’ll have delicate violin, piano and soundscapes that pull on ancient folk lines. The two sides are always wrapped around each other in interesting ways and their new single ‘Young Evil’ shows this well.

‘Young Evil’ is the second single from Yes We Mystic’s forthcoming second album entitled ‘Ten Seated Figures’. The album is due out on the 19th of April and the single is out. The music video below is great too, reminding me of your usual stuck in a mental institute Hollywood movie. I’ll be picking up the album personally on launch and reviewing it later on.

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