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‘Blue Jeans and Bloody Tears’ – The Machine Learnt AI Eurovision Song

It's got two key changes dammit!

One of the saddest yet fascinating things I find about machine learning and automation is that robots are starting to be artistic without the help of humans. Yet I’m also fascinated in the ways how they learn and make choices. Everyone knows I love the Eurovision although I couldn’t watch it live for the first time in absolutely years. This project has made up for it though! I’ll leave it to the YouTube description to best describe it.

‘We are a group of artists, musicians and programmers that wanted explore human creativity and challenge it. We have created a Eurovision AI song that celebrates Eurovision – its melodrama, kitsch and camp, its humour and its gimmicks. The result is comprised entirely of material written and composed by Artificial Intelligence, titled “Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears”. The project team fed hundreds of Eurovision songs – melodies and lyrics – into a neuron network. Then, algorithms produced thousands of new tunes and lines of verse, from which a few musical units were carefully selected and “welded” into a song. We hope this song will become the Eurovision unofficial anthem of Eurovision 2019. A duet on disillusioned love between Izhar Cohen (Israel’s first Eurovision winner, 1978) and a computer, written and composed by a computer. The song was produced by Avshalom Ariel – one of the creators of TOY (Eurovision song winner, 2018)’

I love that the AI essentially says ‘NO EUROPE – HAVE TWO KEY CHANGES!’ Enjoy ‘Blue Jeans and Bloody Tears’ below. It’s a bop.

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