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Michael Jablonka – Go-Go Review

Me and my trusty drum machine

Making an impression on me last year with his complex yet chilled guitar style, Michael Jablonka returns with his latest EP ‘Go-Go’. He says it was inspired by finding an old drum machine. In using it he found himself drawn to the lo-fi approach and from it these songs were born.

Michael Jablonka
Michael Jablonka

The lo-fi approach is apparent with the bossa nova hiss of ‘Play Dead’. So is Jablonka’s sultry guitar style. Its hazy funk works a treat as the guitar, organs, drums and vocals all melt into an FM radio butter. ‘Homesick’ uses that bedroom recording approach to perfection as the vocal riffs bleed over the guitars. It sounds really up in your face but the track itself is super chill. It’s clear Michael Jablonka knows how to play with production to get the vibe he is after. ‘Go-Go’ and ‘As If You Weren’t Even Here’ still have the old drum machine kicking away but the production around it switches to something more studio clean. They are the tracks with way more going on, darker in tone and far heavier. The title track is the angsty one and I adore it.

‘Go-Go’ will continue to expand Michael’s fanbase as he shows new ways to bring us guitar skills and perfect rock vocals to the masses. I hope there’s an album coming next year.

Recommended track: Go-Go

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