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Noel Griffen

Noel Griffin – “Sentient Life” Review

The robots make a lovely sound

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Bonobo – “Migration” Review

The North Borders Part II – and that’s a good thing

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Live Vault – Saint Sister

A Celtic tinged chill out duo

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Benjamin James

Video Vault – Benjamin James

Basking in beauties aura

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Introducing… Ramsey

Time to get your heart ripped out to dark chillout pop

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Review – VLNA – “Turquoise Threads”

Ambience and introverse

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Introducing… Dems

Electronic trio makes emotions boil

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Whispers of the Plains ~ Isaboe

Two great artist interviews in the same day! Another fabulous peep whom deserves much success, welcome to the world of Isaboe… How long have you been playing and what was your first instrument? I’ve playing quite a long time. My very first instrument was piano when I was in primary school, but that was more […]

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Isaboe – “Love Sun” Review

Last week we introduced you to Isaboe, now we’d like to tell you all about her debut album “Love Sun” and the all kinds of fantastic it is. Slotting right into the pop rock with added layers of emotion and intrigue, Isaboe is perfect traffic driving music to let you forget where you are. Opener […]

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Lisa Gerrard – “The Black Opal” (Ltd Edition) Review

Since Lisa went completely onto her own distribution label, things appear to have changed. “The Black Opal” faced delays in distribution and other troubles too but none of that matters as the proof is now in the pudding – this album is a corker and finally shows Gerrard breaking into some new territories from what […]

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Charlotte Martin – Piano Trees comes out Digitally

Charlotte Martin’s instrumental album Piano Trees will be released digitally on 10th November. Two of the gourgeous songs can be heard on her myspace page. With Tori’s album out the same day, its a great day for HPM! Also Charlotte’s rarities.6 will be released on the same day. There is talk of getting all the […]

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Anonymous 4 – “Four Centuries of Chant” Review

Having discovered Anonymous 4 via Christopher Tin’s “Calling All Dawns” album, I picked up the quartet’s latest album which is a kind of retrospective over their career taking segments from each of their previous albums. To review “Four Centuries of Chant” is very difficult as the album is a completely fluid being. One song envelopes […]

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Lisa Gerrard & Klaus Schulze – “Farscape” Review

For once I’m at a loss for words and am completely torn. Lisa Gerrard’s latest collaboration partner is Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream fame and an electronic maestro with a career spanning over 40 (!) albums. “Farscape” is a two disc journey. Over the two discs seven songs, although they are more like symphonic movements, […]

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Are Lamb Back Together?

Lamb appear to be touring again! Lou Rhodes had been doing solo work but a tour has been organised across Europe and their official website has been completely revamped and updated. Does that mean a new album is in the works and they are back together? Here’s to hoping so!

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Crayon OST Review

Crayon OST is the soundtrack to Crayon Physics Deluxe, an indie game. A three track soundtrack was released for free and it contains some of the most dreamy game music in recent memory. Stian Stark’s “Crayon Dreams” is a beautiful breath of fresh air. With dreamy soft piano and acoustic guitars leading the melody, there’s […]

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