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Pássaro – Pássaro Encantado Review

Enchanted Brazil.

Sounds like…

Brazil’s most chilled out downtempo jam session of the year.

The review

Sneaking in with just 2 weeks to go of 2019,  ‘Pássaro Encantado’ is the debut release from Pássaro – a Brazilian trio who recorded the release over a three-day jamming session. The music is strictly downtempo but incredibly evocative. It is like a slow-motion psychedelic journey through the tropics where mystery and revelations mix with beats and Brazilian instruments.

Pássaro opens the EP with ‘Chama’ which is the most tribal of the tracks. Lots of bird song, flutes, clay udu pots and tuned percussion sit alongside murmuring chants. It feels like you are ascending and descending at the same time and the beautiful mix of organic sounds and electronic sounds meshes so well together. ‘Awe’ continues the same feel and moves towards a more tropical percussive feel. Here electric Rhodes-like bells lead the way like a caravan of spirits into the rainforest. It is a very hypnotic and melodic piece that leads nicely to ‘Sertao’ – a more bass-driven drone and beats track.


The final two tracks on the EP move to the more dreamlike side of  Pássaro’s work. ‘Assum Preto’ is an intriguing piece that focuses on vocal manipulation. Different voices are chopped up and left bubbling around to create the main melody where the other Brazilian instruments would usually lead. Instead, they play back up to the chilled out but also trippy piece. ‘Rio’ closes the EP out with a beautiful mix of vocal snippets, organs kalimba and Shruti box whilst the chill out drum loops and hand percussion gently party in the background.

A perfect mix of enlightening and strange,  ‘Pássaro Encantado’ (enchanted bird) is the very definition of a hidden gem in music. Each track is like a pearl of thought to get lost in and the EP is perfectly pitched for escapism, calmness and otherworldly thoughts too. Anyone who enjoys world music or world fused chill out beats – this needs to be at the top of your listen list. It is stunning.

Recommended track: Rio

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Pássaro - Pássaro Encantado



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