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Adam Fielding – Noctural Transmission Review

Your late night club soundtrack.

Sounds like…

The ultimate 2am club playlist for a classy bar.

The review

Adam Fielding has long been creating some of the best electronic music to be found hiding around various corners of the internet. ‘Nocturnal Transmission’ is Adam’s second album release in 2020 and it contains a seamless hour of silky smooth grooves, spacious keyboard pads and a little cinematic flair here and there to keep your ears awake. It is the 2am low light bar soundtrack we’ve been missing during 2020.

Adam Fielding

Across twelve tracks, the mood and feel rarely changes. The feel of an ambient techno soundtrack where breathy vocal snippets float and echo around warm and rubbery keyboard pads and the occasional more aggressive bass rhythmic pulse. What surprised me how cohesive the whole album works as a whole. It reminds me a little of Faithless and a little of early PS2 era platform adventure games when having ambient techno was seen as being cool and edgy. Each track changes up a few parameters but its really designed to be played as a state of mind. To that effect, Adam includes a thirteenth track which gives a DJ mix of the entire album as a continuous track – seamlessly transitioning across from track to track. It is the definitive way to enjoy the album if you have the hour to zone out to it but if not, you can dive in track by track instead.

Personal highlights include the bubbly zen gurgles of ‘Morning Rays’, the dark brooding ‘Recollection’ with its liquid synths that have the perfect amount of reverb wash and the cinematic ‘In Motion’ with its more aggressive techno pop sensibilities.

If you are looking to have your next late night club vibe with a cocktail and a chat – be it over a zoom call or with family and friends in person – this is your soundtrack of choice. Effortlessly classy without taking over the room, techno ambience is a difficult genre to master. Adam Fielding has done just track.

Recommended track: In Motion

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Adam Fielding - Nocturnal Transmission



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