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Kurt Adam – Ardica Review

Frankfurt via Istanbul for downtempo house beats mixed with oasis samples.

What does Kurt Adam sound like?

A minimalist mixture of electric grooves and traditional instruments.

Kurt Adam – Ardica Review

Kurt Adam found himself inspired by both time and place for his new EP ‘Ardica’. The Turkish oasis town of Kanadere used to be surrounded by apricot trees and fragrant flowers according to its history. Locals would refer to Ardic, a single old tree as the source of all the abundance. Kurt clearly tapped into this idea with ‘Ardica’, mixing old Turkish motifs with modern-day beats and synths to create a celebratory dance for this story.

Kurt Adam – Ardica

It is Frankfurt via Istanbul as tiny, industrial and highly processed noise sheers and crisp mid-tempo house beats lay out the foundations of each track. Whilst the EP only has four tracks, each clocks in at an extended club length to make the release 26 minutes long. Each track tackles different motifs from Turkish instrumentation, bringing in percussion, wind, string and guitar from Turkey.

For example, the opening track ‘Apriko’ makes use of flute and string samples to create mini earworms. The title track is the most club centric but brings in an electric saz riff to add authentic fluidity to the beats. ‘Deste’ uses water drums and shakers to give a deep bass beat with synth brass used as a bass line. It has a deep dub to it that brings 2023 campfire vibes. My personal favourite track is ‘Karadere’. Here, multiple wind melodies mix effortlessly with atonal basslines and djembe beats. It sounds vibrant and fresh whilst providing a hypnotic remix of a utopian oasis.

Whilst keeping things minimalistic, Kurt Adam keeps his reimaginings more electronic and subtly hypnotic than heavy on the melody. ‘Andica’ works best as a rhythmic backing track for focusing on something due to its repetitive structure. I’d love to hear melody taking more of a central stage in a future work but that, like all music, is a personal preference.

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Kurt Adam - Ardica



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