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Pérola Branca – Tudo Que Era Sólido Desmanchou No Ar Review

Brazilian grooves go around the world.

Sounds like…

Brazilian grooves mixed with Asian instrumentation.

The review

Pérola Branca is a Brazilian duo who have been working together over the last three years to release their debut EP. “Tudo Que Era Sólido Desmanchou No Ar” translates as “All That Is Solid Has Crumbled In The Air”. It is a deeply rhythmic collection of music that is layered with ambient recordings and a mixture of instruments from around the world. Whilst its three tracks offer only a glimpse at Pérola Branca’s world, it is an entrancing one.

Pérola Branca
Pérola Branca

Each track offers something different and veers further off the usual beaten path for South American electronica. Branding themselves as organic house world music gives you a good idea of where the feelings head. “Ar” is the most simplistic track and is a percussive mix of drums, shakers and light acoustic guitar. Borrowing from Andean folk styles that feel breezy and wistful, the guitar gently sways around whilst electronic and warmly acoustic percussion rings out. The vinyl spit effect throughout sets the mood nicely. “Terra Goa” really does evoke Goa. The instrumentation is entirely switched out for Eastern drums, synths and instruments that bend like crazy electric sitars. It is bombastic and full-bodied. It’s also very catchy. The closing piece “Selva Blues” has a jazzy blues element to the electronica. A distorted bass merges with flutes to provide the main melody and disembodied piano and saxophone float around the track’s edges. For me, this track evokes rainforest vibes because the track is underscored by all kinds of animal and nature sounds, reminding me slightly of Lagartijeando’s mid-tempo pieces.

Pérola Branca has offered up a sly collection of music. On first listen, it sounds like an oddity that is fun but not something you’d have on repeat. Then suddenly you’ll realise you are four listens down and discovering new layers and grooves to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what the Brazilian duo have in store for the future but this is a great start.

Recommended track: Terra Goa

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Pérola Branca - Tudo Que Era Sólido Desmanchou No Ar



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