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Marya Stark gives us the uplifting anthem of love we need in 2019

An uplifiting anthem from the heart

As someone that loves dark, angsty and brooding music, I also have a penchant for a few choice musicians in the light giving love side of music. Marya Stark has made the transition across from one side to other since her debut album ‘The Garden‘ several years ago. Following that and her stunning world vocal album as the duet Scarlet Crow, now Marya Stark has moved into acoustic folk-pop spreading joy with her music.

Her new single ‘Unstoppable Joy’ was actually tentatively released 2 years ago. Now it has a fantastic music video of flash dances, sand mandalas, scuba dive messages and all kinds of fun. ‘Unstoppable Joy”s unashamed smile and uplifting chanting chorus work wonders on the soul. Enjoy it below. The single is out now.

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