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Introducing… Deep Deep Water

Making a splash

Something soggy is occurring as atmospheric blissful rockers Deep Deep Water released their second single ‘Something In The Water’ last week. The four piece band have a superb fluidity to their instrumentation. The drums trickle off the beats with dynamic aplomb, the synths runs with a gallop and the guitars and vocals have a shoegazer quality to them. It all mounts up to feel like a shoegazing rock band was let loose in a keyboard shop and wanted to create post-rock feels in the hippie zone. I approve wholeheartedly.

Deep Deep Water, whom are based in London, will be at the Bluedot Festival later this month and the single is out now. You can enjoy it below and I’ll be looking forward to hopefully hearing a future EP or LP for 2020 and the splash that will make. No, I am not sorry.

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