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Biglemoi – Permanent Vacation Review

Heady rock music designed to flow

New Orleans based five-piece rockers Biglemoi have an excellent reference to have lifted their name from. It is a term that means to dance fantastically and give so much energy you can’t help but join in. It’s that essence the band brings to their EP ‘Permanent Vacation’.

Where Biglemoi provide that essence is in the flowing of the guitars and the drums. Opener ‘Joyride’ is a great example of this. The drums become more free-flowing over the course of the track and the guitars slowly ramp up their poise. It’s all accompanied by vocal leads from Nicaragua and Spain. They bring their native language to the melodic jazz-rock of ‘Sola’. It’s like we are in a Spanish jazz lounge for the first half before the band smashes in with all the electrics for a smokey blues house feel for the second half.


Interestingly the title track is the most acoustic rock pop of the tracks. It feels more like a spiritual new age rock piece you’d get from the likes of bush bound Australian musicians. That’s because of the chant-like duetting vocals. ‘Decipher’ moves Biglemoi into a rock that straddles the late 80’s but with a 70’s psyche edge – particularly with the electric guitar solos. Throughout the powerful vocals push the rhythm along and I’m reminded of a rockier version of C Duncan. The EP closes with ‘Other Side’ which is a spacey ballad of sorts but again the flowing beauty is here. The acoustic guitar, synth bass lines, electric guitar embellishments and acoustic drums – they pitter-patter along in harmony. The flip between drum speeds creates a great back and forth to keep you on your toes too.

Biglemoi have created a surprisingly cohesive EP when all five tracks have a completely different feel and timbre. Its the fluidity and superb vocal performances that bring everything together. I feel like the quintet could go on a space trip and then smash to earth with some serious rock numbers whilst tapping into the Earth. I am very excited to see where Biglemoi goes in the future – and this EP is worth grabbing now to get in on a band that should blossom into something great.

Recommended track: Other Side

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Biglemoi - Permanent Vacation



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