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Fafa Galoure

Fafa Galoure – “As You Are”

Combining jazz, classical, blues and rock to make something uniquely awesome

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Steve Hewitt

Introducing… Steve Hewitt

A new gem in UK folk music

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Kadhja Bonet

Kadjha Bonet – “The Visitor” Review

When the lush sounds of yesteryear are reimagined in today’s world

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Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo – “Piano Textures 4” Review

Opening up a piano to see what’s inside

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Bic Runga

Bic Runga – “Close Your Eyes” Review

A unique take on a covers album

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Oh Man The Mountain – “Floodplain” Review

Manchester mixes grungy production with folk roots for mixed results

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James Nighthawk – “Beauty and Sorrow” Review

After a gentle lullaby of a d├ębut with The Twilight Sessions, James Nighthawk returns for the follow-up “Beauty and Sorrow” sets sail for pastures more eclectic with a fuller sound, moving away from the acoustic folk seeped previous work but taking the folk stories with him across new lands. Opener “The Ocean’s Gentle Breeze” opens […]

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Gabriela Pepino

Introducing… Gabriela Pepino

Italian flare and more versatile than a pasta bake… it’s Pepino.!

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Video Vault – My Goodness

My Goodness is a new band I’ve stumbled across on the mighty tube. Based in Seattle, home of grunge, this rocking duo sent me right back to the early 90’s with their grunge power riffs and distinct delivery. Time to get moshing – this is their first single “I’ve Got A Notion” complete with awesome […]

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Myra Flynn – “Crooked Measures” Review

Myra Flynn’s debut album “Crooked Measures” is a diverse beast. It basks in the warm glow of Myra’s soulful vocals and a vast range of song styles from folk to jazz and leapfrogging many singer/songwriter genres inbetween. “Feel Like the Sunshine” opens the album with a fuzzy warm funky folksy track with some beautiful vocal […]

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