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Introducing… Sophie Kilburn

If Alanis did a moody rock blues EP

Hailing from the powerhouse voices of Florence + and the Machine, Alanis Morrissette, Sophie Kilburn’s new track ‘Indigo Fever’ is bold and catchy. Taken from her forthcoming EP ‘My Room Made Public’, Sophie straddles alt-rock sounds with the razor precision of a pop record. That means you’ll get catchy chorus riffs that have plenty of energy and passion. Behind all the guitars is a brooding piano riff which makes me excited for a darker undertone to some of the non-single tracks.

Sophie Kilburn is UK based and sights PJ Harvey as a huge influence. Although you don’t hear it tonally, it has the same passionate flair but has a more bluesy element to the overall sound. I really dig it and the single is out tomorrow. Enjoy ‘Indigo Fever’ below.

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