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Alex Tiuniaev – Earthscapes Review

Remapping melodies

Occasionally I’ll stumble across a unique gem and today’s is Alex Tiuniaev and his recent EP ‘Earthscapes’. Its three tracks cross three styles of genre but essentially play out the same song in their own style. It’s clever, interesting and a short musical snack to whet your appetite.

Alex Tiuniaev

‘Earthscapes’ comes in three flavours. ‘Orchestral’ is a regal neoclassical string arrangement. It starts off quite rigid and timid before loosening up. ‘Piano’ delicately arranges the sentiment and overall theme into tippy-toe skips of the ivories. My only criticism is the brevity of the track. ‘Ambient’ is the real gem though as echoed choir resonance and metallic synths create something you’d find in an understated sky timelapse.

Alex Tiuniaev’s unique hook of rearrangements across genres is a nice trick to pull as it lets you reevaluate the melody in different moods. I wonder what they’d all sound like combined? Either way, as a new composer branching out new ideas, I’ll be interested to see where Alex develops to next.

Recommended track: Earthscapes (Ambient)

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Alex Tiuniaev - Earthscapes



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