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Introducing… Minor Pieces

Wrapping the music around a powerful voice

Vancouver based duo Minor Pieces are busy gearing up for their debut album ‘The Heavy Steps of Dreaming’ in October. Ian and Missy share the instrumentation, vocals and songwriting and that duality pours out in their beautiful single ‘Rothko’.

At over six minutes, its quite an unusually daunting prospect for a single but it allows the acoustic guitar, ambient noise and near gospel singing style to really affect the listener. The vocals are so huge and powerful that it feels like they are ripping the music itself apart. It’s a great transition around the three-minute mark in style, I had to replay it as soon as it over.

‘Rothko’ is out now and you can enjoy the music video below. Minor Pieces release ‘The Heavy Steps of Dreaming’ on the 4th of October. Judging from this track and Ian’s previous solo works since 2011, I’m expecting to be an emotional wreck by halfway!

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