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Device Orchestra is my favourite new discovery on YouTube

A new household name in music?

Sometimes I yearn for the YouTube was made for people spending way too long making complex but utterly irrelevant things and occasionally I still hit gold. My latest discovery (and yes I’m late to the party) is the amazing Device Orchestra.

Using electric toothbrushes, payment card machines, printer toner straps and the odd iron Device Orchestra recreate classic songs with just the electric buzz of these instruments. It reminds me of the old 4k and 8k chiptunes from the ZX Spectrum and Amiga. The man behind it all programmes the instruments to do certain things and the resonance plays through the machines. It’s superb. I’ve popped a few of my favourite below including the bass wobble dancing toothbrush covering Spice Girls, the Game of Thrones theme tune and Super Mario Bros.

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