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Introducing… Bruce Soord

Tales from Yeovil

Bruce Soord, the frontman for the band The Pineapple Thief, has announced his new solo album. The experimental rocker will release ‘All This Will Be Yours’ on the 25th of October. Bruce Soord takes inspiration from his deprived home town of Yeovil in the UK for his new album. He says he struggled with seeing drug dens around the corner whilst he and his wife had their third child and the juxtaposition between the two comes through in the music.

Single ‘The Solitary Path of a Convicted Man’ distils this down to a melodic acoustic rock song that feels familiar but has beautiful twangs of feeling distorted too. There is an inevitability to the track as depressing circle reaches its finale. It’s a great track and I’ll be checking out the album. You can enjoy the single below.

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