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Iglooghost, BaBii and Kai Whiston to release a collaborative album next month

Crazy beats from another world - now with friends!

I am a huge fan of Iglooghost and his weird and wonderful electronica. He meshes a pretend world and bold visuals with crazy beats and instrumentation. That world has got a huge chunk bigger now a collaboration with Babyy and Kai Whiston has resulted in a whole new album.

The album is called ‘XYZ’ and will be released on the 18th of September. The first single ‘Lockii’ looked like it may have been a one-off but today new single ‘Lamb’ graced us with huge beats, bass drops and warped vocals. Texturally the two sound similar and that is likely to mean this new album is full of chunky drums and huge moments. Enjoy ‘Lamb’ below, which you can buy now. The album is available to pre-order too.

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