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Higher Plain Music Radio Launches 9th September

We are going live next Monday!

It is on bigger than Donkey Kong! Higher Plain Music Radio launches next Monday, the 9th of September. Thank you all for your patience and support.

The radio station will play all the great and fantastic music that Higher Plain Music has featured over the last 11 years and much more from my extensive private collection. There will be a mixture of old and new, bigger names but mostly niche artists and it will be themed in shows of types of music. Think a rock section, folk hour, ambient hour, game music montage, chiptune travel time, new releases segments – that kind of thing. When its ready launch, a full schedule will be available on the radio page.

Higher Plain Music
Higher Plain Music 2.0

Higher Plain Music Radio will be accessible from the radio tab on the menu above and will also be available on apps like TuneIn. It will, in theory, be available in the UK only but we all know wonderful software that can help out the world become a much more global experience… With the cost of broadcasting to the UK already being around £500 over the year for me, I simply cannot afford to add other territories at this time.

Launching an (online) radio station in the UK is extremely complex and difficult. It is painfully clear that the licence agreements are not fit for today’s global and internet-connected environment. Nor is it fit for purpose for anyone trying to promote unsigned, independent musicians either. This is why it has taken so long to get off the ground and I’ll be writing about the problems in a separate post later this week.

This is very much a learning experience for me and I’m doing it on my own, with my own money on a one year trial to see how it all works and if there is a small but perfectly formed audience for this kind of thing.

Your support is invaluable

If you would like to help support this project and/or already read and enjoy what I do, then this would be the perfect time to consider pledging $1 or more a month to my Patreon campaign. Similarly, if you are a business who would be interested in sponsorship of the station for specific timeslots or shows, please do get in touch and we can discuss our options.

As always, thank you for your support. Higher Plain Music has had its busiest year to date in 2019 so far and I absolutely love doing this as a passion project. Here’s to the next decade!


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