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Introducing… 5K HD

Whilst I’m sure 5K HD was a tongue in cheek name, it’s a wonderful band name for a group that seems rather world-weary. On their new single ‘Crazy Talk’ the art-pop band critique the capitalist world we live in. The lyrics of the synth-psyche chorus is full of echoing corporate jargon. Dance worthy yet perfect as a send-up – what more could you need? How about power walking your dog? Check the video…

‘Crazy Talk’ is the lead single from 5K HD’s new album ‘High Performer’ which comes out Friday. I’ll be picking it up for review later in the month once our new radio station is launched but be sure that 5K HD will be on high rotation with superb tracks like this. Enjoy ‘Crazy Talk’ below and coin those phrases for the next performance review. [cries]

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