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Higher Plain Music Radio Station Launches!

We are live!

Welcome everyone to Higher Plain Music Radio – it is now live! The 24/7 radio station is available on the radio page of the website. I’ve placed a radio player below to celebrate the launch and the timetable is available below.

Weekly Schedule

Click for the full version

From Mondays 10 pm until midnight I’ll be hosting a general chat show which is why its blank.

How will the station work going forward?

Now the station is launched, every week I’ll be rotating a few hours of music on and off the radio station. This will mean something new and fresh will always be on the station but you’ll have time to enjoy mainstays too for a decent time before they are removed. As always, the music featured will be the type of music I feature on the website.

What if I’m outside of the UK?

Radio licences are frankly frustrating. I feel your pain but I am unable to afford licences for other countries at the moment. However, VPNs are your trusty friend and using one of those with a UK based server will work.

Will you be on TuneIn and other apps?

TuneIn has closed submissions for radio stations completely so Higher Plain Music Radio will not be on that app, but I’ll be systemically adding the station to radio apps over the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions let me know on Twitter and I’ll make it a priority!

Supporting the station

Running a radio station is expensive and support is always very welcome and appreciated. Visit the support page for more details on Patreon, title show sponsorship and general help.

Lastly, thank you

I really appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read, comment, email, share, donate or just talk to me about music via this website over the last 11 years. This has been a huge step, taking four years of planning, saving, management and legal joys (haha) and it is knowing that people enjoy the content that makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you,


Me looking very happy and tired right now on launch

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