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Peaer – A Healthy Earth Review

Slacker slumber grunge

Peaer has wonderfully infuriating on and off switch with their musical rage. The indie sludge rockers new album ‘A Healthy Earth’ seems constantly at odds with itself. One minute its a broken tripped up hangover that can bearly keep itself together, the next its a sea of slurry and noise. You’ll need to like juxtapositions to get the most out of Peaer and their offering.

Photo of Peaer by Marcus Maddox

For me, Peaer is at their best when they are slightly unhinged and ‘Circle’ , the opening track, is my favourite example of that. A rush of noise, power, sarcasm, lyrical realisations, chords that spin off the pattern they should be and a point to prove. It’s a superb track. On the flipside ‘Like You’ and ‘Don’t’ are excellent tracks for taking that rage and damping it with quirky riffs of wisdom and stop/start drums. ‘Don’t’ in particular is so lovingly awkward and unsure of itself, you want to hug it and then scream at it.

Elsewhere it was the lyrics that made me ponder. ‘Joke’ is an excellent comment on everyone being offended for the sake of it. ‘Commercial’ essentially plays one side of a customer services complaint in waiting. Nothing quite seems to live up to the glossy promo these days does it?

It’s a shame then that the rest of the album just didn’t gel with me. Peaer has an unusual blend of indie rock, mumblecore laziness (which is by design not by laziness), jazzy blues motifs and aversion to smashing a chorus line or riff in your face. Many tracks sound great in snippets but then didn’t quite work for me as a whole song, or together. What I can say though is if the above description piques your interest, it’ll certainly be right up your street as they are clearly a talented bunch.

Whilst I personally found the album a mixed bag, it may have been because I came in having only heard ‘Circle’ which is their most aggressive track. If you are after slumbering angst or sleepover emo – Peaer will do you proud.

Recommended track: Don’t

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Peaer - A Healthy Earth



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