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Introducing… Black Doldrums

Shoegazer Devine Intervention

Club A30 is known for their shoegazer sounds and London duo Black Doldrums fit that niche perfectly. Straddling the darker grunge tones of the genre, I love the way how the echo of the guitar is like an omnipresent roar. That combined with the staunch and defiant drums and the mildly emo-pop vocals, each track feels instinctively malevolent. It is also lovely to see a lady on drums and a guy on vocals thus switching it up a bit! Both pack a mighty punch.

Black Doldrums

Black Doldrums released their new EP ‘She Devine’ earlier this month and the second single ‘Mae’s Devine’ is a hedonistic road trip with a superb hook. The music video is available below and contains an excessive amount of flashing images for something so dark! As a duo that loves a massive rocking outro section, the EP only just stays under the half-hour limit so you’ll be getting your monies worth too.

As someone who commutes to work in London, I’ve been trying to guess the underground station of the promo photo too – answers on a comment! [I’m going with Kings Cross St Pancreas]

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