New In Rotation on Higher Plain Music Radio W/C 21st Sept 2019

A rocky feel coming on this week

Into our second week of new rotations here on Higher Plain Music Radio. Every week I remove some music to make from for an hour of new music. This week has a decidedly more rockier feel with some real anthems joining the station. There is a ‘New in Rotation’ show that plays the newly added tracks on Monday 9 pm, Wednesday 1 pm and midday Saturday but the songs will pop up elsewhere too.

Newly added are:

  • Antimatter – The Third Arm
  • Ayla Nereo – Wheel of Time
  • Caoiffhionn Rose – Awaken
  • Hearwurkz – Rising Dawn
  • Luis Mojica – The Ranger
  • Marika Hackman – Blow
  • MMMD – Egoismo
  • Peter Bjargo – Disintegration of the Mind
  • Sara Forsland – Seagull
  • Sonny Winnebago – Take Me For A Ride
  • Susan James – Poseidon’s Daughter
  • The Willow & The The Builder – Teahouse Treehouse
  • uchunekoko – Kimi No Youni Ikiretara
  • Whispering Sons – Alone

Enjoy the radio station below.

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