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New in rotation for Higher Plain Music Radio w/c 20th Oct 2019

Past, present and all over the place!

It’s been a busy week for music lovers… well me anyway! So much to catch up on as we hit the pre-Christmas climb of new releases. This week’s additions are a real eclectic mix of past and present. I’ve also made a rule for the next few months that there can only be one song per artist in rotation at one time, meaning you’ll get to hear 550 different artists over the course of a week! With sponsorship, I can increase the station’s bandwidth and regions so please remember to tune in and show some support if you enjoy it.

This week’s new in rotation tracks are:

  • Pianos Become Teeth – Fake Lightning
  • Tullara – Better Hold One
  • Somos – Mediterranean
  • Plastic Glass – Come Clean
  • Michael Baker – Baby Books
  • Julia Gjertsen – No Regrets
  • TELGATE – CherryTight
  • Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abounnasr – Battle -Kushi-
  • Fully Body – Sonic Bloom
  • Tiddas – Sprit of the Winter Tree
  • Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
  • Stromae – Papaoutai
  • Sylvan Esso – Kick Jump Twist
  • Sopho Khalvashi – Visionary Dream

New in rotation plays the newly added tracks on Monday 9 pm, Wednesday 1 pm and midday Saturday UK time but the songs will pop up elsewhere too. Listen to Higher Plain Music Radio below and don’t forget to let me know who you’d like to hear on the station for others to discover!

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