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Juana Molina – Forfun Review


‘Forfun’ is a bit of a bonus EP for Juana Molina fans as it happened by pure chance. On the way to Rosklide Festival in 2018, Juana’s instruments were misplaced by the airline she flew with. All she had was her guitar and the instruments that were on the actual stage itself. She decided to play a set anyway which meant her electronica looping heavy music was now a rock band!

Juana Molina

‘Forfun’ is a chunk of that set taken into the studio and recorded as punk versions – Molina tongue in cheekily has titled each track as. The four tracks as ‘Paraguaya’, ‘Un Dia’, ‘Vagos’ and ‘The Rat’. They are all full of beans and life, revelling in this different makeup of sound. In a way, the music sounds like a grittier version of her debut album that ‘Rara’ that is criminally underrated. Whilst Juana has said she doesn’t like it as much as she didn’t have much control over it, the music is more rock-folk focused and ‘Forfun’ is a more punky/ska extension of that.

Fans should really pick this up as the songs are really well arranged. They are instantly recognisable but feel completely different. This is how an arranged release can work perfectly. Newcomers to Juana Molina shouldn’t start here unless you are only looking for light-hearted punk music – but if you become a fan you’ll want this eventually.

Recommended track: Paraguaya Punk

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Juana Molina - Forfun



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