New in Rotation on Higher Plain Music Radio 17th Nov 2019

Eclectic new releases added this week

It’s a rowdy update this week for our UK based radio station which adds on several new tracks today to the 600 tracks already in rotation. There is no theme really this week – it’s all about new releases and a couple of upcoming reviews I have in the pipeline too. I hope you enjoy:

  • Deva St John – The Information Age
  • Fearofdark – Star Dance
  • Noel Griffin – Dust Devil (Leone’s Dream)
  • MitchieM – Believe in Yourself
  • Nabeel Ansari – Memories Rushing By
  • Human Pyramids – Boxing Day
  • Martha Bean – Along the Lonely
  • Pendant – Through the Coil
  • Tummyache – Machine
  • Shannon Lay – Home
  • Bryan Away – Give In
  • Monophona – The Benefit of a Doubt

New in rotation plays the newly added tracks on Monday 9 pm, Wednesday 1 pm and midday Saturday UK time but the songs will pop up elsewhere too. Listen to Higher Plain Music Radio below and don’t forget to let me know who you’d like to hear on the station for others to discover!

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