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Three Amazing Singing Bowl Artists on YouTube

Three amazing singing bowl artists to relax to

For Christmas last year my partner bought me a starter singing bowl. Throughout the last year or so, I’ve found a real love for the instrument and three YouTube channels have really paved the way for my love. Today I wanted to share these channels with you so you can gain an appreciation for the often maligned singing bowl.

Healing Vibrations

When it comes to aesthetic and recording quality, Healing Vibrations is the number one singing bowl artist on YouTube. Travis plays the bowls beautifully and often takes them outside to a beach and plays them at sunrise or sunset to add an extra layer of relaxation to things. The vast majority of the videos are singing bowl only ones but I really enjoy it when Healing Vibrations also adds in other instruments to create a sound bath. Chris, when he does speak, also sounds super chilled. I’ve chosen one that puts ocean sounds and crystal singing bowls together for the best effect.


Templesounds have been making lots of meditation videos for years now and they also run a shop with singing bowls, gongs, bells and their CDs. Their videos range from meditation to instructional and all kinds in between. Often they have access to deep throbbing bowls that really resonate through your speakers so watch your volume control! I’ve chosen an outdoor Redwood Sonic Bowl meditation for you to enjoy below.

Jeralyn Glass

Jeralyn Glass makes all kinds of affirmation music but I come to her for ‘Tuneup Tuesdays’. Every Tuesday she posts a 15-minute singing bowl video with a different intention. Each video has a different set of bowls and she seems to have an endless supply of them to play with. Whether you focus on the intention or not, the clarity of recording on the bowls is fantastic and she plays them with aplomb.

Do you have any other singing bowl artists you enjoy? Share the love in the comments below so we can check them out.

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