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Mark Vickness Interconnected – Interconnected Review

A guitar virtuoso trapped in a forest RPG

Sounds like…

If an acoustic guitar and some tabla’s went on an adventure into the forest.

The review

Guitarist and composer Mark Vickness has created a lush and vibrant instrumental album for his second release. Teaming up with his Interconnected friends, whilst his acoustic guitar and fingerpicking prowess take centre stage, now other instruments share the limelight. With violin, cello, bass and tabla – this is an expressive folk album that feels vibrant and beautiful.

Across the nine tracks, Mark Vickness effortlessly plays various guitars in a variety of ways to emulate a travelling folk troupe. Songs are spacious and elegant at all times and constantly remind me of a caravan of songs. From the serenity of ‘Interwoven’ to the most dramatic and proud ‘6 in 7’, these original compositions flow. Fans of bands like Iona will love the style but I have a few more obscure references from the game music world. With the recently remastered Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game came a soundtrack of ancient instruments by Kumi Tanioka. There are also the Genso Suikoden Celtic arrangement albums and the Final Fantasy Tactics White albums that both have the same timeless folk vibe. Particular favourites for me are the luscious ‘Grey Skye’, ‘Hot Apple Stuff’ and the two tracks mentioned earlier. They all feel like expanded versions of RPG forest themes. What’s not to love?

Mark Vickness and his Interconnected band members have made an album that is the definition of a hidden gem and a slow burner. This will be perfect for Autumn too. Take this with you on a grassy walk and you’ll be transported back to simpler, cleaner and fresher times. ‘Interconnected’ is a breath of fresh air – folk style.

Recommended track: Interwoven

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Mark Vickness Interconnected - Interconnected



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