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Introducing… Josh Tavares

Quirky chamber pop for the jaded

Planting himself firmly into the alt-pop world, Josh Tavares is the kind of alternative music that will gain a dedicated cult following. His new single from his sophomore project is called ‘Cheap Gold’ and plays up to that quirky piano/synth kookiness that has done well for many artists. Josh isn’t afraid to play around with a bit of atonality which I personally love in small doses – especially if you are dealing with the subject matter of ‘its gone tits up’ as we say England. Fans of Tori Amos and Gregory Douglass will lap this up.

‘Cheap Gold’ embraces the DIY musician approach with a homemade music video. Isn’t that the way for indie artists in 2020? There is no official album release date but the single is out now. It follows on from his 2019 debut ‘Anonymous’ which shares a similar style, so if you like this rough around the edges style, you have a rabbit hole to go down!

Enjoy the powerful vocals and sassy microphone sways of Josh Tavares below.

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